Flash Cards – Historical Places of Interest

Flash Cards - Historical Places of Interest (box)

  • Looking for an easy way to increase your child’s general knowledge of the world?

What’s here for you

Check out Historical Places of Interest Flash Cards:

Suitable Age Range:

  • From babies onwards


  • Size of card: A5 (21cm x 14.8cm, half A4)
  • Number of cards: 120
  • Premium quality 350gsm cards
  • Front: picture of place
  • Back:
    • Name of place (English & Chinese)
    • Year listed as world heritage (numbers)
    • Country located in (English & Chinese)
    • Description (Chinese)
  • Published by Si Ke Qi Zhi Research Institute (set up by Shichida Education International to create learning materials for Shichida China)

How to Use:

  • Flash the cards at 1 to 2 cards per second
  • After a flash card session, play a few “Which One” games  with the child.
  • Note: If you need to learn exactly how to use flash cards correctly, you may wish to attend my Home Practice Intensive Workshop

Flash Cards - Historical Places of Interest cards

Close Up View (Front of Flash Card):

Flash Cards - Historical Places of Interest (front 1)

Clear printing with a small serial number at the corner

Close Up View (Back of Flash Card):


Includes the name of place (English & Chinese), year listed as world heritage (numbers), country located in (English & Chinese), and description (Chinese).

Our feedback

My older boys, Vee (6 years old) and Jae (3 years old) love watching these cards because of the stunning photography. Vee is especially attracted to the pictures of places we’ve been to before. He’s now in a craze over Taipei 101.

This topic is also linked to our Geography discussion on countries and their maps.

Free Bonuses

  • English step-by-step guide on how to flash cards and play “Which One” games (downloadable upon purchase)
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P.S. These flash cards are for little ones who are into geography and travel.

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