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Home Practice Intensive eWorkshop

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  • Heard all the benefits of early right brain education and want to know how to practise it at home?
  • Want to know how to flash cards, how to play memory games, and most importantly,
  • How to have your child run excitedly to you to do home practice?
  • Wish to have email support for your burning questions on home practice?
  • Want to attend my live workshop yet reside outside of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur?

What’s here for you

Here’s the Home Practice Intensive eWorkshop designed with you in mind:

  • Immerse yourself in a 2-hour content-rich sharing workshop video series.
  • Delivered by MieVee (that’s me!) — mother of 3, right brain education practitioner, Montessori Method practitioner, used imaging method to achieve outstanding academic performance during University
  • You’ll get practical tips and watch my demonstrations on how to carry out fun home practice that your children will love, how to flash cards quickly and effectively, how to make flash cards, ideas for flashcards, and how to play ESP / HSP,  photographic memory, linking memory games and more!
  • You’d be able to replay the videos over and over again until you get the right brain method right!
  • You’ll learn how to blend right brain education with the Montessori Method so that your child can do home practice independently
  • You’ll receive full workshop notes — with activities categorised into age groups, and lots of FAQs answered
  • You’ll also receive a set of my most valuable home practice templates. A sure-fire way to boost effectiveness.
  • You’ll get email support for your burning questions on home practice. I’d guide you to implement this learning method successfully.

As a full-time mummy to 3 little owls, I’ve limited time to provide email support. So to support WORLDWIDE eworkshop participants via email, enrolment intake would be limited. Once enrolment is full, you’d have to wait till the next batch, which would probably be 3 to 6 months away.

“A lot of information was covered within a short time, so nobody would have felt bored as you moved on to the next topic pretty quickly without lingering on anything specific for too long. You gave enough time for participants to ask our questions (in addition to FAQs) and patiently answered them with practical examples and tips.
Your workshop was extremely useful and I can’t thank you enough for guiding so many parents! Will definitely share the great news about the upcoming workshop to my other mummy-friends and help them benefit too.” — Mummy D from Singapore, 15 September 2014

“Have recommended Owlissimo to mummies in [my daughter]’s class. I want to promote your amazing efforts to other mummies. Let everyone benefit too…” — Dr V from Malaysia, 18 September 2014

eWorkshop details

The Singapore live workshops held in 2014 were FULL-HOUSE, with lots of burning questions answered. Parents from all over the world have asked me for online training, and finally it’s here.

Who is this suitable for:

  • If you wish to grasp early right brain education method effectively in the shortest time
  • If you are a parent or caregiver taking care of children aged 0 to 6 years old
  • If you run a preschool or enrichment centre and would like to successfully incorporate right brain method into your curriculum
  • If you reside out of Singapore & Kuala Lumpur and have been unable to attend my live workshops
  • If you’ve no babysitting help and have been unable to attend my live workshops

Regular Price: S$200 for single-user unlimited-access (Check out the special discount below!)

“The contents delivered in the workshop are compact and practical.  They are very well summarized.  It has demystified lots of concern on home schooling!  I really enjoy the live demo section.  Kudos to you for a session well delivered!” — Mummy SC from Singapore, 23 June 2014

Free Bonuses

You’ll also receive these printables for free:

  1. Flash cards – Mathematics Random Red Dots (PDF with more than 160 pages, complete with instructions and flash card ideas) – saves you 2 weeks of DIY time
  2. Flash cards – Mathematics Pattern Dots (PDF with more than 100 pages, complete with instructions and flash card ideas) – saves you 1 day of DIY time
  3. Flash cards – Addition (PDF with more than 200 pages, complete with instructions) – saves you another 1 week of precious time

Simply print directly onto card stock or print and stick!

How to sign up

These are the easy steps:

  1. Click the huge “Add to Cart” button
  2. Enter your name, email and preferred login details. In future, you may login to Owlissimo.com to download your workshop notes, home practice templates and other printables, and view videos.
  3. Click “Join” or “Buy” (Just click, even if you don’t use PayPal.)
  4. Fill up your PayPal details OR
  5. Click “Pay with my credit or debit card”. Fill up payment details.
  6. Click “Return to Owlissimo”

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Special discount

In the meantime, you’ll get a whooping 60% discount! This means each eworkshop access is only S$80, a savings of S$120 for the same intensive workshop sharing session!

” I am from California, am glad to sign up for your e-workshop, it is very informative and helpful. How I wish I will be able to attend your home practice intensive & intermediate workshops in KL or Singapore”  – Mummy C from California, 3 November 2015

“MieVee is a great educator who practises the best teaching pedagogy with her 3 loving children.  She unselfishly shares her experience with her ardent fans and fellow readers. The workshop that MieVee conducts exposes us to the most effective teaching principles by combining the right brain approach and Montessori method.  Interacting with MieVee saves me a lot of time in doing all the research as I know she has done all the best studies.  I tap on her knowledge and have truly benefitted from her whilst raising my 3 yo child.  Kudos and sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart, MieVee!”  – Mummy of YJ from Singapore, 27 September 2014

“U r amazing! Thank u MieVee. It was such a great workshop. It had open[ed] our eyes on how to use both montessori and right brain education. Thank you again.” — Mummy (Dr.) A from Malaysia, 12 October 2014

Get your special 60% discount HERE (S$80 for single-user unlimited access)

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Preschool / Enrichment Centre discount

If you run a preschool or enrichment centre and would like to incorporate right brain education method successfully into your curriculum, you may get a bulk discount for multiple-users support. Just contact me for more info:

Get a bulk discount for eworkshop multiple-users support

(Again, I’d limit the number of preschools / enrichment centres to support.)

P.S. This is your chance to watch exactly how to flash cards, play photographic memory games and get answers to your most BURNING questions on home practice.

P.P.S. After completing your order, click to return to Owlissimo.

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