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LA087 Build & Play (Smart Blocks)

Build & Play Smart Blocks chinese

  • Want to let your child work on building patterns?
  • Let him analyse what he sees? Perceive how the parts make up the whole? Use simple shapes to build more complex patterns?

What’s here for you

Check out this popular IQ blocks, Build & Play (Smart Blocks):

Suitable Age Range:

  • From about age 3 onwards


  • Contents:
    • 3 small wooden trays to hold blocks
    • 1 set of 8 wooden IQ blocks (different colours / pattern on each side)
    • 1 guide book (for structured play) (Contains Chinese. The puzzles can be worked out by looking only at the pictures, so it’s fine even if you don’t read Chinese.)
  • Approximate size of each block: cube (3cm per side)
  • Published by Learning Age International (Original product direct from Taiwan)

How to Use (Montessori Approach):

  • Free play (about 3 years old onwards):
    • Place a few blocks on a tray.
    • Let the child build freely.
    • When the child is able to build carefully, then offer him more blocks.
  • Structured play (about 3 years old onwards or when the child is ready):
    • Refer to the first structure from the booklet.
    • Place the needed blocks on a tray.
    • Demonstrate to the child how to use the blocks to build the structure.
    • Remove the blocks from the structure carefully, and place them back onto the tray.
    • Invite the child to try.
    • If the child is successful, demonstrate the next structure in the same or next session.

Close Up View:

Front of guide book…

Build & Play Smart Blocks chinese-001

Inside of guide book with patterns to build…

Build & Play Smart Blocks chinese-003

Blocks and trays…

Build & Play Smart Blocks chinese-002

Our feedback

Build & Play Smart Blocks chinese-004

At about 3 years old, Vee started building the patterns. He loves the red quadrants!

#2 Jae is also starting to work on this set at 3 years old.

This activity helps them figure out how to combine simple shapes to construct more complex patterns.

Build & Play (Smart Blocks) is an excellent hands-on material for 3-year olds.

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“You have been such a great blessing to the mummies who are interested in right-brain training. Thank you for all your sharing. Looking forward to more great things to come.”

P.S. This Block Builder is great for both free and structured play to help enhance spatial ability.

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