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LA117 Momentary Memory Board

LA117 Momentary Memory Board

  • Wish to practice photographic memory skills?
  • Remember what you see with ease?

What’s here for you

Check out Momentary Memory Board:

Suitable Age Range:

  • For child younger than 3 years old: Show her the boards with tiles, don’t allow her to handle the magnetic tiles yet.
  • From about age 3 onwards: She may use the boards and tiles under supervision.


  • Contents:
    • 2 magnetic boards: 12 squares on each
    • 2 x 30 magnetic tiles
    • 12 cards for ideas
  • Approximate size of tile: 4cm per side
  • Published by Learning Age International (Original product direct from Taiwan)

How to Use:

These are how we use the boards for home practice:

  • Photographic memory (single player) — copy what’s on the card provided, from memory
  • Photographic memory — place tiles on consecutive spaces, copy what’s on the other player’s board, from memory
  • Space memory — tiles on random spaces, copy what’s on the other player’s board, from memory
  • What’s missing? — show the other player your board with tiles. Reverse the board, remove 1-2 tiles. Let him guess the missing picture(s).
  • Senses play — use the tiles to play senses games. For e.g. guess what’s on the other player’s board

For a young baby, this is how we play:

  • Pre-arrange a few tiles on the boards, with perhaps 1 subtle difference between the boards.
  • Show him 1 board for a second (Remember the picture combination.)
  • Reverse the boards, shuffle them behind my back
  • Show him the 2 boards and ask “Which one did you see just now?”
  • Let his eyes focus on his choice, or he may point.
  • Then reveal the answer and say, “You saw this just now.”

Be creative and make up your own games!

Close Up View:

Boards, tiles and cards…

LA117 Momentary Memory Board

LA117 Momentary Memory Board-001

Our feedback

I love using the memory boards during home practice. The magnetic boards are a convenient way to create a combination of pictures together.

It’s also fun to play as a family. Even daddy had fun with us at times too!

The Momentary Memory Board is a great tool for right brain home practice.

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“You have been such a great blessing to the mummies who are interested in right-brain training. Thank you for all your sharing. Looking forward to more great things to come.”

P.S. This Block Builder is great for both free and structured play to help enhance spatial ability.

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