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150 Right Brain Game Cards


  • Published by Shichida Education International
  • Great for playing games such as:
    • ESP / HSP
    • Photographic memory
    • Linking memory
  • *Not sold individually. Bundled with 1800 flash cards, 63-day math or order above 12kg only.

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As a seasoned home practice mummy, my fastest record is making 100 flash cards in 2 hours a day, when the 3 kids nap. That could be like waiting for the stars to align. Often, I need to search for topics or edit copies prepared by others, which take much much longer.

And then, one of the kids will need my attention, and there goes the precious time to make anything.

If you have only 30 free minutes a day, the 150 game cards will save you 1 to 2 weeks of work.

  • For developing “right brain” senses and photographic memory
  • Published by Shichida Education International
  • Suitable age range: for babies to 6 years old
  • Size of card: 6.5cm x 9.5cm
  • 3 sets of 50 cards each – 150 different cards in total
  • Thick and smooth cards designed to withstand regular play
  • Wide variety of topics including colours, shapes, numbers, body parts, animals, fruits, vehicles, musical instruments and many more
  • Free registered mail / courier shipping within Singapore & West Malaysia

Beautiful packaging that attracts the child to home practice games

Premium quality cards that last regular play with young children

You may use these cards to play ESP / HSP games, photographic memory, linking memory and peg memory games. For even more variations of memory games and independent self-checking by the child, you may get 2 sets (like what we do).

“I received the parcel this evening with thanks. Thanks for bringing in wonderful shichida products… Love the quality of the 150 right brain cards. I’m sure my boy will enjoy it. Appreciate your kind efforts.” — J’s Mummy, from Malaysia

More Testimonials

“We received the package yesterday. Thank you so much for such high quality material. I’m truly impressed. My daughter and I are enjoying our sessions. Thank you so much…” — Dr. V, from Malaysia

“Hi MieVee, Thank you for sharing your precious resources with all the mommies all these while. your effort is truly amazing and well appreciated by many of us. The step by step guide is very useful for beginners like me who need to be ‘hand-held’ and soon I am able to try out some on my own too. Continue your good work and take care!” — Cathy, from Singapore

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