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LA110 Wise Puzzle

LA110 Wise Puzzle

  • Need a fun way to let your toddler practise shapes, colours, numbers, alphabets and more?

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Explore Wise Puzzle designed just for little hands. This is the new and enhanced version of Noddy Funbook, which has been used in right brain classes in Singapore and Malaysia.

Suitable for:

  • Starting from 2 to 3 years old, to about 4 years old

It includes:

  • 10 books
  • 1 flip grid with 12 tiles


1. Time
2. Shape and Colour
3. Daily Life
4. Weather
5. ABC
6. Animals
7. abc
8. Plants
9. Maths
10. Numbers and Amount

How to Play:

Step 1: Choose a book from the Wise Puzzle set

Step 2: Choose a page

Step 3: Lay the flip grid with the tiles arranged from 1 to 12

Step 4: Refer to the example at the top of the left hand page. Lift up tile #1 (on the left hand page) and find the corresponding answer on the right hand page. Fit the tile onto the grid.

Continue working until tile #12.

LA110 Wise Puzzle 2


This is what the completed activity looks like:

LA110 Wise Puzzle 4


Step 5: Close the flip grid. Flip it over. Check the colour and shape on the tiles with the answer scheme at the top right hand corner.

For tiles that don’t match, flip the grid back and re-do the question.

LA110 Wise Puzzle 3

Our feedback

My eldest son, Vee, completed 2 rounds of Noddy Funbook (the older version of Wise Puzzle), from 2 to 3+ years old. Since we didn’t do much structured learning then, this was an easy way for him to practise the basic concepts.

My #2, Jae, started this activity at about 3 years old and is still enjoying it.

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P.S. Wise Puzzle is amongst the easiest ways for toddlers to practise basic concepts such as numbers and alphabets.

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