Alpha Egg Q3 Dictionary Pen (Exclusive Edition)

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  • Alpha Pen Q3 Exclusive Edition, 16GB
  • Includes silicon cover (white / pink / blue)
  • Includes screen protector
  • Includes hard case
  • 1-year warranty (Singapore & Malaysia)
  • Save $11 with this package

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Alpha Pen Q3 Exclusive Edition (阿尔法蛋 词典笔Q3尊享版) is here!

This is a bilingual Chinese – English dictionary translation pen that can help you and your child learn Chinese.

It is highly popular and has received rave reviews from parents.

Using a dictionary pen means your child can focus on learning instead of being distracted by messages, videos and games when using an online dictionary.

You can use Alpha Pen Q3 to:

  • Scan books (up to 1cm font size), paper, screens, etc.
  • Scan & read Hanyu Pinyin
  • Scan & translate word / phrase / sentence

You can use voice commands with WiFi to:

  • Translate English to Chinese
  • Watch how to write a Chinese character 笔画、笔顺
  • Get sample sentence 造句
  • Find words of similar meaning 近义词
  • Discover words from a character 组词
  • Discover idioms 成语 for compositions 作文
  • Learn & understand the meaning of poems 诗歌
  • Get encyclopedic knowledge such as famous persons 名人 and festivals 节日的来历
  • Convert units in Chinese
  • Get math formulae 公式


“For 8 months, my three children (8, 10 and 12 years old) have used Alpha Egg Q3 regularly for their schoolwork. Thanks to Q3, my 12-year old started reading Chinese chapter books and eventually read 40 Sherlock Holmes books in 2 months! Before this, he’d only read with me beside him.

My children also use Alpha Egg Q3 when writing compositions. Often they can construct the sentences yet cannot write the characters. Q3 is much faster and easier than using a traditional dictionary.

My youngest also enjoy asking Alpha Pen Q3 to recite Chinese poetry. The best part is it explains every line of the poetry and deepens his understanding of the language.” – Carol, Founder of Owlissimo

“It has been good thus far.” – Parent G (Alpha Pen Q3)

“So far it’s good…” – Parent D (Alpha Pen Q3)

What’s in the package

  • Alpha Pen Q3 Exclusive Edition, 16GB
  • Includes silicon cover (choose white / pastel pink / pastel blue, indicate in the delivery note)
  • Includes screen protector
  • Includes hard case (black)
  • 1-year warranty (Singapore & Malaysia)
  • Save $11 with this package


Q: Where is your stock from?

A: We’re affiliated with Alpha Egg’s authorised agent in Malaysia. Your order will be sent to you directly from Malaysia. You can scan the code behind your box to verify its authenticity.

Q: I’m from Malaysia. How do I buy in Ringgit?

A: You’ll enjoy Malaysia promotional price. Drop us a message in the chat (lower right corner) to arrange payment by bank transfer.

  • West & East Malaysia: RM388 RM329.80 (free delivery)

Q: Are there instructions in English?

A: Yes! Although the user interface is in Chinese, they’re fairly simple. Our customers include non-native speakers who have successfully used Alpha Egg Q3.

You can access the tutorial in English here and get chat support from us.

Q: What’s the warranty?

A: Your Alpha Pen Q3 is covered by a 1-year warranty in Singapore and Malaysia.

Register your product for warranty by sending us the serial number behind your Alpha Egg Q3 pen. Simply reply to your email receipt. Easy-peasy.

If it malfunctions upon opening or under normal use, contact us following the steps on the Returns & Exchanges page.

Q: What’s the difference between Alpha Pen Q3 Exclusive Edition and Alpha Pen Q3?

A: They’re mostly similar. Alpha Pen Q3 Exclusive Edition is a newer edition that has 16GB while the previous Q3 has 8GB.

Q: What’s the 16GB for?

A: It’s to hold all the dictionaries, search history and your stored favourites.

Q: How is the pen charged?

A: It’s by USB-C. A charging cable is included — USB-C goes into the pen, while USB-A can be inserted into your laptop, power adapter, etc.

Q: How long does it take to charge the pen?

A: Charging takes 2 to 3 hours. One charge usually lasts our family 1 week of homework use among 3 children.

Q: Do I need WiFi to use the pen?

A: You’ll need WiFi to update the software and use voice commands.

Scanning for translation can be done without a WiFi connection.

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