Odonata Chinese Interactive Story Books 2 亲子互动小故事 2


  • Popular Chinese reading programme (Pre-2020 edition)
  • Reviews set of 200 common words
  • Books 2a & 2b
  • 6 stories
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

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Here’s Odonata Chinese Interactive Story Books 2, which reviews characters learnt in the pre-2020 edition of Odonata 200 Words. This is the second of three sets.

This set is also recommended as supplementary reading for other Chinese reading programmes to review common characters learnt.

This set consists of 2 books (2a & 2b) and includes 6 stories:

  1. 《好玩的小猴子》
  2. 《小山羊回家》
  3. 《大老虎找食物》
  4. 《和小猴子做朋友》
  5. 《养花猫》
  6. 《公鸡,对不起》


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