Odonata Chinese Learn Sentences Sets 1-3 红蜻蜓幼儿学句型系列 1-3


  • Odonata Chinese books: Learn Sentences Sets 1 to 3
  • 29 books with Hanyu Pinyin
  • Activity ideas for parents & educators
  • Published by Odonata Publishing
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This is Learn Sentences Sets 1 to 3 (幼儿学句型系列 1-3) by Odonata, a publisher of Chinese reader books, highly popular in Singapore and Malaysia. This is the entire three sets.

These sets include lively pictures and simple sentences to help your child easily understand each selected theme.

There are 29 books, including 3 revisions book filled with stories for reinforcement.

The revision books include activity ideas for parents and educators.

There is Hanyu Pinyin on every page.

The titles are:

Set 1:

  1. Family Members 家庭成员
  2. Facial Parts 脸部器官
  3. Body 身体
  4. Actions 动作
  5. Common Animals 常见动物
  6. Stationery 文具
  7. Natural World 自然界
  8. Food 食物
  9. (out of print)
  10. My Sister (Revision Book) 我的妹妹(复习本)

Set 2:

  1. Plants 植物
  2. Wild Animals 野生动物
  3. Flowers 花
  4. Things that can Fly 会飞的东西
  5. Colours 颜色
  6. Fruits 水果
  7. Animal Sounds 动物的叫声
  8. Numerals 数字
  9. Adjectives 1 形容词 1
  10. The Kite is Flying (Revision Book) 风筝在飞(复习本)

Set 3:

  1. Places 地方
  2. Household Items 家庭用具
  3. Daily Essentials 日常用品
  4. Aquatic Animals 水里的动物
  5. Hobbies 爱好
  6. Kitchen Items 厨房用具
  7. Beverages 喝的东西
  8. Common Activities 一般活动
  9. Adjectives 2 形容词 2
  10. Rearing a Goldfish (Revision Book) 养金鱼(复习本)


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