Odonata Chinese Reading Program (900-1000 Words) Books Set 红蜻蜓读故事学认字900-1000字

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  • Popular Chinese reading programme
  • 2 books (900, 1000 words)
  • Learn another 200 common words
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

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Here’s the new edition of Odonata 900 to 1000 Words! This set includes books 9 and 10 in Odonata’s Chinese reading programme, which is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

Your child will learn to read another 200 common Chinese words.

The main characters, Mingming and Lili, are still in the stories.

What’s Special in this Edition?

★ High-frequency words

Your child will progressively learn high-frequency words and apply them in her daily life.

★ Relevant stories

The stories include characters that are common in your child’s life, for easier understanding.

★ Moral values

The stories emphasise positive moral values and help your child to develop critical thinking skills.

★ Learning activities

Each book includes extension activities designed by a professional preschool teacher for fun learning.

These also let you review your child’s learning progress.

For more effective learning and review, check out the latest edition of Odonata 700 to 800 words flashcards.

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这是红蜻蜓出版社最新版的《读故事学认字900-1000字》! 这套书包括2本书,在新加坡和马来西亚非常受欢迎。



★ 生字以日常用字为主,可学以致用 ★


 故事情境贴近孩子生活 ★


 故事融入正确价值观,培养良好情商 ★


 插图精致可爱,人物形象鲜明 ★


 穿插多元作业与活动 ★


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