Odonata Reading Together Series 1 红蜻蜓轻松伴读系列 1


  • Written for 0 to 4 years old
  •  5 books (Series 1)
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

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Here’s Odonata Reading Together Series 1, written for children 0 to 4 years old.

Your child can learn about observation, imagination, independence, kindness and counting.

There is no Hanyu Pinyin, so your child can focus on the Chinese characters.

What the stories are about

1. 《扑通》Splash

At the beginning of the story, a little frog jumps into the water. Later, ducklings, turtles and hippos jump into the water one after another. At this time, the water surface in the picture is calm. Where are the animals?

Splash is a humorous work with a simple plot and vivid pictures. The story arouses children’s curiosity through the little animals they love and then cultivates children’s interest in reading actively.

During the reading process, you may guide your child to look at the pictures and ask questions at the same time to inspire their children’s ability to think logically.

2. 《数数车轮子》Counting the Wheels

The kangaroo in the story is especially fond of counting games. Standing by the side of the road, it begins to count the wheels on the road. From bicycles, tricycles, and cars to big trucks, there is no problem for the kangaroo.

In the process of reading, you can guide your child to learn how to count the wheels in the story. You can also observe the interesting details in the story with your child, attracting and stimulating her interest in reading actively.

After reading the story, you can play a counting game using objects at home.

3. 《大萝卜房子》The Big Carrot House

In The Big Carrot House, a carrot seedling grows under the old man’s bed. Later, the carrot grows bigger, so the old man has to tear down the roof, dig a hole in the carrot, and live in the big carrot.

This imaginative story not only satisfies the reading pleasure of young readers but also inspires and expands children’s creativity. You can take the opportunity to explain the basics of plant growth to your child through this vivid story.

4. 《小鸭的大脚板》Duckling’s Big Feet

The duckling in the story has a pair of big feet and is learning to walk wobbly. He kicks a small stone and falls, gets up and continues to move forward. The clumsy big foot does not step on the ant or the beetle, but accidentally steps on itself, so the duckling falls again. It cries for a while, then bravely continues to move forward, and finally reaches the edge of the lake, jumping into the lake to swim.

Every child will inevitably encounter many setbacks in life. Although you can’t be there to protect her all the time, you can encourage her to learn from the bravery and strength of the duckling through this story.

Let your child follow the example of the little duck, get up even if she falls, and keep going!

5. 《点点爱去幼儿园》Dian Dian Loves Going to Kindergarten

Through the analogy of the interesting animals in the story, your child learns that kindergarten is a relaxing social environment. There are pictures of kindergarten children playing and learning happily in the story to help your child look forward to attending kindergarten.


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