Odonata Preschool Chinese Flashcards (800 Words) Pre-2020 红蜻蜓幼儿800字 Printable


  • Pre-2020 edition
  • Popular Chinese reading programme
  • 8th set of 100+ flashcards in the series (printable)
  • Learn the 8th set of 100 common words
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

Here’s the pre-2020 edition of Odonata 800 Words Flashcards Printable. This is the eighth set (out of 12) in Odonata’s Preschool Chinese reading programme, which has been very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

The physical flashcards for 800 Words are already out of print and Odonata has published the printable version in 2022.

If you’re new to Odonata’s Chinese reading programme, then do check out the new edition, which has several improvements.

This set is only recommended if:

  • if you already have part of the series and want to complete it before it becomes out of print
  • your child is around Primary 3 and is learning more advanced words

What’s included in this printable

  • 35 pages, PDF
  • 3 words on 1 page. Total 105 words.
  • Font: Red

As Owlissimo is an authorised retailer for Odonata, these are original authentic printable flashcards from the publisher.

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Odonata Chinese 800 flashcards PDFOdonata Preschool Chinese Flashcards (800 Words) Pre-2020 红蜻蜓幼儿800字 Printable
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