Odonata Preschool Chinese Workbooks Learn Mandarin Set 红蜻蜓学华语


  • Pre-2020 edition: 10 writing books
  • Based on the 1st 100 to 800 common words
  • Learn Mandarin 1a to 4d
  • Activity ideas for parents & educators
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

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Here is the Learn Mandarin Workbooks Set for the pre-2020 edition of Odonata 1st 100 to 800 Words, which has been very popular in Singapore and Malaysia.

This set consists of 10 workbooks:

  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 1a
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 1b
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 2a
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 2b
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 3a
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 3b
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 4a
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 4b
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 4c
  • Learn Mandarin 学华语 4d

Learn Mandarin includes:

  • activity ideas for parents & educators
  • matching
  • fill in the blanks
  • colouring
  • rhymes
  • rearranging words to form simple sentences


Owlissimo’s from Singapore with a warehousing partner in Malaysia, where Odonata’s reading program is published.

So whether you’re from Singapore, Malaysia or several other countries, we’re able to bring Odonata’s learning materials to you!

Singapore & Malaysia:

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Odonata chinese workbooks learn mandarin set coverOdonata Preschool Chinese Workbooks Learn Mandarin Set 红蜻蜓学华语

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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