Odonata Toddler Picture Books Set (01-06) (Malay)

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  • Malay language
  • Written for babies & toddlers
  •  6 books in the set
  • Paperback version
  • Published by Odonata Publishing

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Here’s Odonata Toddler Picture Books Set in Malay (paperback version), suitable for babies and toddlers from 0 to 2+ years old.

What the stories are about

1. Besen Mandi Sang Gajah (Baby Elephant’s Bathtub)

Baby Elephant loves bathing!

He looks around and finds many little animals’ bathtubs, except his. What should he do?

Author: Xiao Mao, author of children’s literature. Won the Song Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award, Chen Bochui Children’s Literature Award, Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award and Wenjin Book Prize. Published works include How to Teach an Elephant to Jump, and The Bookworm’s House. Copyrights of his titles are mostly sold to other countries.

Illustrator: Jelly Fish Mi, famous illustrator, graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. Published works include All My Dreams, and We are Cats. Her fine and delicate healing illustrations has touched many of her readers.

2. Bulan Mengucapkan Selamat Malam (Moon Says Good Night)

It is late at night, and the moon still cannot fall asleep, so he decides to take a stroll in the forest.

Snore… snore… all the little animals in the forest fall asleep, and before they know it, the moon is also sleepy…

Author: Zhong Zhaohui, graduated from the Picture Book Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, currently engaged in children’s book illustration and picture book creation. His works include The Nightmare Eater, Three Little Fragrant Pigs, One Hundred Beds of the Old Spider, etc.

3. Aduh, Gatalnya! (Itchy, Itchy)

The waist of the big tree is feeling very itchy, who is climbing here?

The belly of the earth is feeling very itchy, who is jumping on it?

The baby is also feeling itchy. What is happening?

4. Tidak Sama (Different)

Animals have many similarities, but they are not the same. So, among all the similarities and differences, is love “the same” or “different”?

Author: Liu Bingjun, a writer of children’s literature, a member of the Chinese Writers Association.

Illustrator: Buke Buke, famous children’s picture book author and illustrator.

5. Main Sorok-Sorok (Hide & Seek)

Hide and seek is one of the most popular games among children, and Red Bean and Grey Bean, the pandas, are no exception.

Grey Bean thinks of a good way to make Red Bean unable to find him. Guess what is this good way?

Author: Yu Qing, graduated from the Art Department of Hebei University in 1999, majoring in decoration design.

6. Siapa Paling Tinggi (Who’s the Tallest?)

The little boy is immersed in the fun of comparing height, but a mischievous kitten breaks the routine and changes himself from “shortest” to “tallest”. How did he do it?

Author: Mei Zihan, children’s literature writer, professor, native of Shanghai.

Illustrator: Yayo Kawamura, a famous illustrator, born in Japan and grew up in Germany.


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