We’ve come to the end of the mini-series to Teaching Chinese, so here’s a summary.

Research shows that we remember better when we review what we’ve learnt. Here we go…

Part 1: Why

When life gets busy and we want to implement something new, it’s important to know our “why”.

Think about why you want your child to master learning Chinese.

When you know your “why”, the “how” will soon fall into place.

Part 2: Ostacle

It’s easier to move forward when you know what’s in your way.

Identify your road blocks to speaking Chinese to your child, or teaching her Chinese.

Part 3: Speak

Once you know your “why”, and what’s in your way, choose one part of your daily routine when you can speak to your child in Chinese for 5 minutes.

Zero prep needed.

Keep up with it every. single. day.

A new routine helps get you and your child into auto-pilot mode for using Chinese.

Part 4: Read

Scatter Chinese books strategically at home.

The high visibility increases the chance that you or your child will pick one up to read together.

A prepared environment sets you up for success.

Reading Chinese stories to your child brings life to the language.

Conversations naturally develop during reading sessions.

The more you read to your child, the more confidence you gain in teaching him.

Part 5: System

By mastering more than 900 characters, your child will be on track to reading about 90% of common publications.

A systematic reading programme with character cards and levelled reader books allow your child to build her vocabulary consistently.

A system removes guesswork.

All you need to do is use the materials a little at a time.

250 x 3 characters a day = 750 characters a year

With 115 days for reviews and breaks.

If your child is still young (before primary school), we recommend Odonata’s new 2020 Edition for the updated character lists and improved story lines:

>>> Odonata New Edition

If your child is already in primary school, then you may consider the Pre-2020 set of books and flashcards (before they go out of print):

>>> Odonata Pre-2020 Edition

I hope that this email series has helped increase your confidence in teaching your child Chinese.

All the best and keep in touch!

~ Carol @


A system includes both the learning materials and teaching method.

I’m planning online workshops on how to teach your child to read 1000+ Chinese characters effectively and efficiently.

Yes, workshops in English on how to teach Chinese in 15 minutes a day. Excited?

Stay tuned!

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