Boost Your Child’s Chinese

Boost Your Child’s Chinese (BYCC) is a course for parents designed based on the science of learning, memory and Montessori teaching principles.

It is what we do to help parents like you guide your child to read more than 900 characters so that he or she will be on track to read about 90% of common publications.

BYCC is work-in-progress now.

Below is a free mini-series that our subscribers receive on teaching Chinese.

We’re opening enrolment to BYCC once it’s ready. Stay tuned!

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Season 1

[19 Jul] Teach Chinese Mini-Series

[20 Jul] Part 1 – Know your “why”

[23 Jul] Part 2 – What’s in your way?

[26 Jul] Part 3 – Just 5 minutes

[29 Jul] Part 4 – A 5-minute story

[2 Aug] Part 5 – A system

[Popular] Differences between Odonata new and pre-2020 editions

[5 Aug] Review

Season 2

[14 Jul] Teach Chinese Season 2

[18 Jul] (1/4) A little a day goes a long way

[20 Jul] (2/4) Me first!

[25 Jul] (3/4) She was right

[27 Jul] (4/4) New Odonata releases

Stay tuned.

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