Flash Cards – Multiplication

Owlissimo multiplication flash cards

  • Wish to help your child remember the times table in an easy way?
  • With complete understanding of each multiplication fact?
  • When her memory and recitation skills are the most powerful?

What’s here for you

Here’s Owlissimo’s Multiplication Printable Flash Cards designed with you in mind:

  • Dot cards from 1×1 to 12×12 (144 pages)
  • Equation cards from 1×1 to 12×12 (144 pages)
  • Mix and match cards to play games, with self-checking
  • Accurate: each card double-checked to ensure correct number of dots
  • Lesson plan ideas: flash the cards in various interesting ways over many months
  • Game ideas: play games after flash card sessions for a fun time with your child
  • Flexibility to print directly onto card stock or print and stick

I started flashing multiplication dot cards to Vee when he was about 3 years old. From 3+ years old, he enjoyed reciting the times table and could apply them to his daily life. For example, “Mummy, this LEGO brick is 2×2=4!”

Free Bonus

You’ll also receive Pattern Dot Printable Flash Cards (0 to 100) for free…

Owlissimo pattern dot flash cards

With all the above included, the printable is at only S$3.98!

How to buy

These are the easy steps:

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  3. Click “Buy” (doesn’t matter whether you’ve PayPal)
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Get your Multiplication Printable Flash Cards now

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P.S. This is amongst the easiest and most economical ways to help your child remember AND understand the times table, when her memory skills are the strongest.

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