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Home learning tips

My three children are back to school on alternate weeks, which means we have to adapt swiftly to changing routines.

It isn’t easy.

Like many kids, mine thrive on predictable routines.

Last week was their return to school after ~7 months!

One child was VERY grumpy. Mainly due to an earlier bedtime.

I was in a mad rush to clear backlogs of stuff while they were finally out for a few hours. We survived the week.

This week, they’re home. No online lessons, just homework. Jae finished his in 15 min on Tuesday! His teachers are too kind.

Over lunch, I did a check-in on how they felt being at home vs school.

Interestingly, they prefer home for various reasons:

1. No need to wear mask

2. Free to move: Instead of being fixed to their school seats due to Covid

3. Sleep in: Wake up naturally at 7-8+am

4. More time for play & hobbies: 12yo Vee can spend 2 to 3 hours learning & playing chess nowadays. Younger ones are also picking it up.

5. More interesting

Me: “Interesting? But I don’t plan interesting activities for you.”

(I just go with the flow & use what’s available or respond on the spot.)

El: “Mummy, maybe you’re accidentally interesting.”

Wow… that’s enlightening student feedback.


* Change is the new norm. Go with the family’s flow

* Check in on how your child feels towards learning experiences

* Be present: You’re your child’s first and best teacher

* Create connections: Learning can be interesting through discussions, stories, video clips and connecting to things around us. Elaborate planning may not be necessary.

Oh, tomorrow’s Friday?!?

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