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Carol is a coach and educator from sunny Singapore. She coaches individuals towards reaching their limitless potential and prepares students for Mathematics competitions. Her mission is to help others achieve success in school and in life.

theme gemstones

[Theme] Gemstones

Jae (10yo) has been really into gemstones recently, and rubbing his interest onto El (8yo). Once the child has a budding interest, I simply have to facilitate his learning across subjects. Here are some ideas: Science & Geography: visit The Gem Museum (Singapore). Lots to learn & explore. Social: interact with gemologist / gem professionals

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math test tips

Math tips

One child just had a math test and an upcoming school math team selection test. There are 2 potential situations: 1. Unable to solve the problem 2. Able to solve the problem but makes an error Since this child needed support on Type 2 mistakes, we had a short review session together and came up

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