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Carol is a mum, educator and trainer from sunny Singapore. She writes regularly on education research, creates effective learning materials, designs impactful workshops for parents, and prepares children for Mathematics competitions. Her mission is to show you how to teach your children using effective and efficient ways, helping them achieve success in school and in life.

learn to read chinese

How to learn to read Chinese

If you’re looking to start your child (or yourself) on Chinese reading, read on to find out the important features of a well-designed programme. If you’re designing your own home learning materials, you may also find this post useful.

home learning schooling tips

Home learning tips

My three children are back to school on alternate weeks, which means we have to adapt swiftly to changing routines. It isn’t easy. Like many kids, mine thrive on predictable routines. Last week was their return to school after ~7 months! One child was VERY grumpy. Mainly due to an earlier bedtime. I was in …

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math olympiad shapes combinations blokus tiles

Math with Blokus tiles

Physical school is on alternate weeks & it’s back to mummy’s homeschool this week. El was trying to solve this problem: How many different shapes can you make using 5 square tiles? (ICAS Math Intro Paper, 2014) He drew several shapes. (Pictorial) I thought of using our Blokus game pieces. (Concrete) Jae was interested & …

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math mass ecobrick

Eco Math

In recent years, Singapore math has included more real-world applications. Sustainability is now a huge topic globally. It involves our and our children’s future well-being. Our family is making ecobricks, to avoid sending non-recyclable plastic waste to landfills in Malaysia. Instead, we turn them into useful construction materials. The minimum mass of an ecobrick is …

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Odonata Chinese Old & New Books: What are the Differences?

You’ve probably heard of the Odonata Chinese books and flashcards (红蜻蜓学前阅读计划), which are popular in Malaysia and Singapore for learning Chinese Mandarin. And now you’re here to find out the differences between the old and new editions before deciding which to get. Read on… Background Odonata Publishing is an established publisher of Chinese books in …

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