math test tips

Math tips

One child just had a math test and an upcoming school math team selection test. There are 2 potential situations: 1. Unable to solve the problem 2. Able to solve the problem but makes an error Since this child needed support on Type 2 mistakes, we had a short review session together and came up

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math olympiad shapes combinations blokus tiles

Math with Blokus tiles

Physical school is on alternate weeks & it’s back to mummy’s homeschool this week. El was trying to solve this problem: How many different shapes can you make using 5 square tiles? (ICAS Math Intro Paper, 2014) He drew several shapes. (Pictorial) I thought of using our Blokus game pieces. (Concrete) Jae was interested &

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math mass ecobrick

Eco Math

In recent years, Singapore math has included more real-world applications. Sustainability is now a huge topic globally. It involves our and our children’s future well-being. Our family is making ecobricks, to avoid sending non-recyclable plastic waste to landfills in Malaysia. Instead, we turn them into useful construction materials. The minimum mass of an ecobrick is

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