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Math with Blokus tiles

Physical school is on alternate weeks & it’s back to mummy’s homeschool this week. El was trying to solve this problem:

How many different shapes can you make using 5 square tiles?

(ICAS Math Intro Paper, 2014)

He drew several shapes. (Pictorial)

💡 I thought of using our Blokus game pieces. (Concrete)

Jae was interested & joined in. (Social)

“How many shapes using 5 tiles are there?” (Sorting)

“Are there more shapes you can think of?” (Thinking)

“Try sketching the shapes.” (Motor)

I sorted the shapes with 5 tiles into types and we did some observation & discussion:

5 pieces

4+1 pieces

3+2 and 3+1+1 pieces

2+2+1 pieces

Oh, so this problem is also about ways to make 5! (Number bonds)

Jae & El continued to play a round of Blokus. (Application, 30min recess)

Question: How many shapes did you manage to get?

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