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Eco Math

In recent years, Singapore math has included more real-world applications.

Sustainability is now a huge topic globally. It involves our and our children’s future well-being.

Our family is making ecobricks, to avoid sending non-recyclable plastic waste to landfills in Malaysia. Instead, we turn them into useful construction materials.

The minimum mass of an ecobrick is 0.33g for every ml the bottle can hold.

This means a minimum density of 0.33g per ml.

Experienced ecobrickers aim for 0.37g per ml.

Advanced ecobrickers may even reach 0.7g per ml. *gasp* Any heavier will be too much for silicone bonds to hold.

Our bottle here has a capacity of 500ml.

What is the mass that amateur ecobrickers like us should target?

What is the mass that experienced ecobrickers should not exceed?

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