math test tips

Math tips

One child just had a math test and an upcoming school math team selection test.

There are 2 potential situations:

1. Unable to solve the problem

2. Able to solve the problem but makes an error

Since this child needed support on Type 2 mistakes, we had a short review session together and came up with this list of math tips:

  • Write every line of working

math test tips fractions
  • Write fractions in large font

  • Calculate using another way

  • Is my answer reasonable?

  • Use remaining time to check

I stuck these cards to his personal whiteboard as visual reminders.

We’ll also be using the cards as reminders in his daily work for a week or so.

When I was out, he practised some problems, applying the tips discussed.

Each child may need work on different areas, so making the right “diagnosis” is important. Your child probably needs different tips from those shared here.

Happy teaching math!

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