Email Archive

Here you’ll find an email archive of our 2021 course enrolments. They’re listed in reverse chronological order.

Note: For a better user experience, the email archive links below will open in a new window.

Boost Your Child’s Math Olympiad

Email Archive from 2021 enrolment of BYCMO

To be released in Aug 2021

Boost Your Child’s Chinese

Email Archive from Aug (2021) enrolment of BYCC

[19 Jul] Teach Chinese Mini-Series

[20 Jul] Part 1 – Know your “why”

[23 Jul] Part 2 – What’s in your way?

[26 Jul] Part 3 – Just 5 minutes

[29 Jul] Part 4 –

[1 Aug] Part 5 –

[4 Aug] R

Home Practice eWorkshop

Email Archive from Jul (2021) enrolment of HPeW

30 Jun (3 tips for teaching your child during Covid)

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